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USB: Purity Harmonic Egg Music

USB: Purity Harmonic Egg Music

5 tracks on this USB...the feel is Cuban / Jazzy.  These are beautifully composed and intended for the highest and best for your well-being!

Titles: Floating in Hope, Gentle Guidance, Moments in Time, Peaceful Vibes, Perception of Mind...we love them all!

Music Composed by: Barry Coates and Luis Conte, Created in Consultation with Gail Lynn, Harmonic Egg Inventor.

“There is only love” is the mind set I have used in creating these musical pieces.

The 5 music selections influence the Heart, Crown, Root, 3rd Eye, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras
Recording the Tones / Keys of C, A, A minor, G, E minor, D, B minor
Nature sounds in all Tracks for the DNA

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