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Paige Clarke
Chief Egg Officer of and Canadian Sales Agent for Harmonic Egg Canada

Harmonic Egg Music Composer &
Sound and Light Practitioner in Niagara, Falls

A singer-songwriter, serial gardener, vegan, animal advocate and tenacious  entrepreneur-- Paige has always followed the call of her art and music. She was fascinated by the Egg, and the prospect of music having a meaningful purpose and intention outside of the commercial music industry.


Paige is honoured to serve as the Canadian Sales Agent, where she has learned every facet of the process, from building an Egg, training Egg owners, and creating original digital content for the Egg family. Inventor Gail Lynn has been a kind mentor to Paige, through all the growth, supporting her through every moment. 


Since founding Harmonic Egg Canada in 2020, Paige has been amazed to see it so rapidly embraced by all of Canada, with numerous locations now open and coming soon. She is humbled to also have composed and recorded music for the Harmonic Egg called “Soul Concerto”, two 40 minute tracks that are heart opening and grounding, fostering a deep soul connection to the dream and astral plane.


Paige also owns and operates the first Harmonic Egg wellness centre in Canada in

Niagara Falls, Ontario. Some of her cherished work with clients in the Egg includes ancestral healing, powerful stress and anxiety reduction, and raising the vibration of the auric field.

Paige believes we are creating a strong network of business owners that support each other, and whose mission is to bring light to the field of energy medicine and self-healing.

Paige continues to collaborate with Gail Lynn and the team to bring more knowledge, high vibration, offerings, music, and growth ideas to the future of Harmonic Egg. She lives in Niagara region with her partner, cats, and two Great Pyrenees farm dogs, Ariel and Lucia. 


My name is Marybeth Haines and it's so nice to meet you! Did you know that before becoming a practitioner here, I was actually a client? 


In January, 2023, I was in a state of severe illness and was unable to work. On most days, I wasn't even able to get out of bed. A friend told me about the Harmonic Egg, and I came to the centre looking for help. After 10 sessions, my pain decreased by 85%, dizziness dissipated, and my energy returned. Starting out as a client with Harmonic Egg Canada, I quickly learned just how powerful this technology is. Because of this experience, I now have the gift of being a practitioner here and helping others who are also looking for support through the egg's technology.


I'm also an animal communicator, and love helping you and your animal(s) understand each other better than you ever have before. Pairing animal communication with an egg session amplifies the benefits to your pet and the communication aspect helps identify the root of what is really happening with them. So whether it be for yourself and/or the animals in your life, I'm really happy to be here and support you! 

Marybeth Haines
Harmonic Egg Sound and Light Practitioner and Animal Communicator in Niagara, Falls

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