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Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Just an hour from Toronto, 10 minutes from US border, surrounded by nature retreats, wineries and fruit farms, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the stunning Niagara Falls.

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In-Person Harmonic Egg Experience

Enjoy a brief intake discussion to choose the appropriate music tones and colours, then relax in our zero gravity chair for 50 minutes. There is a doorbell inside with you incase you need to be let out, and a blanket for your comfort. 

Remote Harmonic Egg Session

Remote sessions are great for those who live further away from an Egg center, or those who might have mobility issues. We perform the same tasks as we would if you were in person, but we use your photograph and birthdate as a connection to you in the Harmonic Egg.

House/Office/Land Clearing

Has the energy of the space you inhabit felt off lately? Maybe you moved to a new home, or had house guests that "left their energetic mark"? Perhaps your office space has stagnant energy and you find it hard to focus? We offer home, land, or office clearing of the energy to raise the vibration of the places you love.

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