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Superieur Electrolytes - Electrolyte Powder 5 Flavours

Superieur Electrolytes - Electrolyte Powder 5 Flavours

Superieur Electrolytes - Electrolyte Powder Fresh Watermelon - 6.9 oz. (196 g)

Superieur Electrolyte Powder with ionic sea minerals and real vitamin C is a light, refreshing electrolyte drink. Use it before, during and after activity, and any time you are thirsty and want more than plain water. Kids can drink it whenever they want.

  • Non-GMO Electrolytes
  • No Refined Sodium
  • No Synthetic Vitamins

Raising the Bar in the Electrolyte Category
Superieur Electrolytes follows two simple rules in creating the best tasting electrolyte formula:

  • Must use real flavors - Their watermelon formula tastes just like biting into a fresh watermelon and each swallow has a finish just like swallowing a bite of fresh watermelon.
  • Must not use an engineered and/or alcohol processed sweetener like Rebaudioside A which overpowers the natural flavors and leaves a 'lingering' metallic aftertaste.

Better Ingredients
Using real ingredients like sea water and sea salt for electrolytes and trace minerals can cost 100 times more than the common lab-made electrolyte alternatives. Superieur Electrolytes is committed to using these better ingredients in Superieur Electrolytes for themselves and their kids.

More Antioxidants
Superieur Electrolytes is the most complete electrolyte formula on the market. They use sea salt, sea minerals, real vitamin C and also bamboo stem extract, an organic source of the mineral silica, which is an anti-aging antioxidant vital to healthy skin, hair and nails.

Actual Colors
Customers want real fruit flavor and real fruit color. When you mix Superieur, their watermelon has a light pink hue and their citrus has the color of combining freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange.

About Superieur Electrolytes

Brand A
 = 3rd Party Formulation + middlemen + mass distributor + sponsorship = funny taste, cheap ingredients
Brand B = In-house formulation + direct sourcing + independent representation + grass roots marketing = best tasting, better ingredients

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