Stunning Niagara Falls Waterfall and Col

  • Offering in-person & remote sessions to all Canadians

  • 1 hour south of Toronto

  • 10 minutes from USA 

  • First location in Canada

  • Books, Harmonic Egg music, and health products available


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Harmonic Egg Canada in Niagara


For additional locations, check the Canadian Locations page for an updated list of Harmonic Eggs near you.

Harmonic Egg Canada

2722 St.Paul Ave Unit 1

Niagara Falls, Ontario


What to Expect at Your Egg Session


"I am privileged to serve the local community with this incredible resonant chamber that is creating truly remarkable shifts for people and their state of being. Come and see me at my wellness space, or if you're looking to start your own Harmonic Egg business, give me a shout and we can talk about your vision!"

Paige Clarke

Canadian Sales and Training